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Introducing EJFG


What is EJFG?

The EJFG or European Junglefowl Focus Group is a taskforce which works under the supervision of Aviornis International and WPA-Benelux. The taskforce has the following objectives:

  • conserving the Gallus species and subspecies; *
  • undertaking research with regard to the genus Gallus;
  • providing information about junglefowl.

* Local varieties not being hybridised.


What does EJFG do?

The EJFG works to conserve all the junglefowl species and subspecies by keeping studbooks and undertaking breeding programs. Also the EJFG supports private breeders and organisations in the conservation of junglefowl and in attempting to limit in-breeding.

The EJFG is active in promoting research into the genus Gallus. Research is conducted into relevant literature, morphology, physiology, behaviour, research on museum skins and genetics. The EJFG is also active in breeding and promoting behavioural studies in captivity. The EJFG undertakes scientific as well as practical research.

In addition, the EJFG provides information about junglefowl by presenting lectures and by publishing articles. The EJFG is also available for responding to questions about junglefowl. Therefore you can contact the secretarial office: .



The first meeting of the EJFG was held in 1980 in Rotterdam Zoo. The initiators were Han Assink, Jelle de Vries, Madelon Willems and Herman Zomer. From the very beginning, people from Aviornis as well as WPA participated.


Do you have junglefowl?

If you keep junglefowl, we would appreciate having information about your birds. Then we can examine help you determine the purity. In the case of pure birds, registration in the studbook is possible. To provide the information of your birds you can contact the secretarial office: .



Are you interested in participating in one of our projects about junglefowl? Please don't hesitate to contact the secretarial office of the EJFG: tel.: +32 476 856515, email: .


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